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Frequently Asked. Frequently Answered. 


What does the deposit do? 

It holds one month of my limited time and allocates 100% of my resources to your project.  I work with a maximum of 10 clients per month.  Prospects who miss the 10-client cut-off will be placed at the top of the list for the following month. There are many designers who take on too many clients and have no production system in place, this leads many clients to experience unnecessary delays, poor communication, and an overall negative experience.  As a small business, the deposit also creates a sense of commitment from our clients as well because in many cases a client can become unmotivated, distracted, or too busy to show up for their own project within the time they requested.  This hurts Slake's overall business goal: to be of maximum value to as many clients as possible.



Most deposits are 50% to get started, why do you require 75% upfront?

The amount of the deposit is equal to the amount of investment I make into your business goals within the first half of our work together.  Most of the labor and attention to detail take place within the first 1/2 of the project.  The final payment of 25% reflects the small amount of labor it takes to bring the project to completion, which is mostly fine-tuning and polishing before launch.


Website Design

Do you only with with WIX? Or can you help in any other platform?

In order to keep costs low and provide our clients with the maximum amount of control, Wix is our preferred platform.  That said, we have worked with many clients using Squarespace, Wordpress, and WebFlow but because those platforms require a developer the packaged pricing we offer with Wix will increase depending on the complexity of your project.


Do you design and consult for all business types and categories?

We do not work with e-commerce only businesses.  Additionally, we don't work with prospects in the industries of:  guns and weaponry, sex or pornography, CBD or drugs, or politics.   The overwhelming amount of the clients we have been able to help achieve incredible results are SMBs and Enterprises who provide services virtually or via a physical location.  We recommend using a e-commerce expert with extensive experience in the platform (ex. Shopify, WooComerce, etc.) you're using.


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